Honestly, I would imagine that Spiritual Life Coaching could have as many definitions as there are coaches. As someone who has followed a spiritual path for as long as I can remember (I was 8 years old when I read my first book on spirituality), has helped many others to do the same, and as an experienced and accredited coach, this is my take on ‘What is Spiritual Life Coaching?’

Let’s start with ‘what is coaching?’ 

Coaching is often described as a process unlocking a person’s potential. 

A coach creates a safe, non-judgemental space in which a client can take time to think and gain new perspective on whatever is concerning them.  The coach listens, asks questions, and plays back the client’s responses to them in order to facilitate this process.

Sometimes coaching is goal-focussed with the client identifying, choosing, and committing to their next best action steps to move them towards their goal. 

Sometimes a coach might suggest exercises or tools that the client could try to help them with their thinking, to change a habit or unhelpful behaviour, or to achieve their goal. This all depends on the particular coaching approach the coach has.

A fundamental belief is that the answers lay within the client, they simply need some good thinking time in order to uncover them.

What Is Spiritual Coaching?

Spiritual coaching, sometimes referred to as transpersonal (beyond the person, ego, or self) coaching, recognises that we are more than just mind and body. It recognises that humans very often have a natural desire for a knowledge of, and experience beyond the material world; a connection with ourself and a deep soul level, and with something greater that exists both within and beyond us.

For many individuals there is a nagging desire for meaning and purpose in their lives; to make a difference, to be of service, to expand beyond the everyday.

For many there is also a need to explore spirituality means and how to connect with that aspect of themselves and integrate it in to their daily lives. 

For me, Spiritual Life Coaching is a relationship in which a coach can help an individual

  • explore their spiritual side
  • develop a sense of meaning and purpose
  • live a life of happiness, vitality, and fulfilment
  • expand their knowledge and wisdom
  • understand their values 
  • and ultimately life an aligned and purposeful life

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Helen Leathers is an experienced transformational women's coach with a spiritual approach. Featured in Soul & Spirit magazine and Coach magazine, she has written a number of books on spirituality and energy work and runs accredited spiritual life coach training courses.