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develop you intuition online course

Do You Always Listen To (& Trust) Your Intuition?
Worried That It Might Have Deserted You?
Or wonder if you ever had any at all?

This Course Is For You!

It includes:

  • A 7-week course of lessons where you can learn to work with and develop your intuition.
  • Delivered by video online with exercises for you to do throughout the week.
  • Weekly emails will prompt you to complete each week’s workout.

Immediate Access with weekly modules in bite-size chunks + BONUSES

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learn how to set boundaries

Do you struggle with boundaries? Is it difficult to say no? Do you say yes to things because you can feel how others are feeling?

It’s not uncommon, and you are not alone!

This online course will help you to understand why this might be a problem for you, and how boundaries protect and serve others as well as yourself.

It includes:

  • 11 bitesize modules guiding you through the process of boundary setting step-by-step
  • Video tutorials downloadable worksheets and exercises that will guide you through the process of understanding yourself more deeply, as well as how to set boundaries and why.
  • A bonus Masterclass on ‘Energy Vampires & How To Defeat Them’

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spiritual development courses

Understanding Universal Energy & How You Can Use It To Feel Purposeful, Confident, & Empowered Every Day.

In my opinion, energy is everything. What about you?

If you have a sense that we are more than mind and body, or that we are part of a bigger energy, you could be correct. For thousands of years people have tried to make sense of this ‘more than’ feeling, and many ideas, philosophies, and healing practices have been created as a result.

Imagine that you could…

  • Recharge and restore your own energy and sense of wellbeing quickly and easily
  • Protect your energy from other people and situations that might drain is
  • Tune in to and clear out negative emotions, sensations, and leftovers/debris from life leaving you clear and calm to carry on in a positive way
  • Tap in to an infinite source of energy and inspiration
  • and much more

Through a series of bitesize tutorials I want help you:

  • understand the different theories of universal energy including the subtle energy system structure of auras, chakra, meridians & nadis.
  • understand and establish your connection to this energy, how it connects us with everything, and how you can plug into it whenever you wish.
  • nurture this aspect of yourself so that you can feel energised, protected, and empowered.
  • work through and utilise exercises and visualisations to tap into, connect, clear and cleanse, energise, and protect your own source of universal energy 
  • realise that this energy work could be a key to unlocking your potential for transformation
  • 9 Modules with video tutorials, worksheets and audio downloads

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spiritual development courses


If you can’t decide which course you want, or know you’ll benefit from all of them, why not go for this bundle? 
And it will also save you money when compared to buying each one separately.

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SAVE £58 

**You will receive instant access to Intuition 101. You will receive access to the other 2 courses within 1-2 working days. Just keep an eye out for an email from Helen.

My projects, at a glance…

121 Coaching

Sometimes we get a bit stuck, I call it getting to the edge of your map. We need some space to to think, and someone to listen. Coaching gives you this, helping you to gain fresh perspective and time to breathe, allowing a new way to reveal itself, and the next piece of the map to unfold. Find out more and book a call here.

Spiritual Life Coach Training Courses

Train in foundational coaching skills AND tools, resources and skills that help clients, or yourself to effect change, understand themselves better, find meaning and purpose, and explore their spirituality. Spiritual life coaching brings in and focusses on the concept that we are more than mind and body. View the homepage for more info.

Monthly Masterclasses

I run monthly masterclasses on zoom. The topics are varied and include spiritual topics, and personal growth and development. To see what workshops are coming up you can join the Facebook group below, or visit Eventbrite.

Spiritual & Personal Development Resources

A variety of online courses, workshops and other resources. Find out more here.

My Books and Audio Collections

More information can be found at

  • Help! I Think I Might Be Psychic 101 Frequently Asked Questions About Spiritual, Psychic & Spooky Stuff
  • The Spiritual & Psychic Development Workbook A Beginners Guide
  • The Spiritual & Psychic Development Workbook A Course Companion
  • The Spiritual & Psychic Development Meditation Collection
  • The Advanced Workbook For Spiritual & Psychic Development
  • The Advanced Workbook For Spiritual & Psychic Development A Course Companion
  • The Advanced Audio Collection for Spiritual & Psychic Development
  • The Power In Your Hands How To Understand, Connect With, Channel & Use Universal Energy To Improve & Empower Your Life
  • The Power In Your Hands Audio Collection
  • Bright Blessings Spiritual Thoughts, Inspirational Quotes & Philosophical Observations on Life
  • 10 Stepping Stone To A Better Version Of You (Not currently available)
  • Stop The World I Want To Get Off (Not currently available)
  • ‘Relaxation’ Meditation Bundle
  • ‘Confident You’ Meditation Bundle

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