Starting your spiritual life coaching course doesn’t have to cost a fortune. It’s a good idea to know what’s essential, and what other options you might have. 

How much does it cost to start your spiritual life coaching business 

  1. The very first expense that you will come across is your life coach training. If you’re considering the venture without a qualification take a look at my previous blog: Do I Need A Qualification To Become A Spiritual Life Coach? While you might find online courses for £/$27 from certain websites, the training you receive there will be minimal. Spiritual Life Coach training can cost anywhere up to £5000 so it’s important to choose your course carefully (there’ll be another post soon about how to choose a course).  My initial coach training cost me £3000. Personally I wouldn’t consider spending below £500 for a course as, while I’m prepared to be wrong, I don’t believe you would get a deep enough training and practice in your new coaching skills. You can find out about my current training courses and their prices here.
  2. When you’re ready to start your business, your next expense will be your insurance. You can usually get professional indemnity insurance for less than £100 a year. You will usually will be required to show your qualification certificate to get insurance. 

I know plenty of coaches who have started their coaching business with these two basic expenses only. This might be fine if you have a good source of potential clients or works solely through word of mouth, however, if you’re serious about your business and need advertise and market it, you will probably need to invest a little more. 

Phase 2 Spiritual Life Coach Business Expenses

  1. Social media accounts are free but people may want to check out your credentials, and the most common way of doing that is to look for a website. Costs associated with include: buying a domain name (annual charge typically around £20) and hosting the website (monthly or annual costs anywhere from £3 a month, but be careful to check what you’re getting for that. I would budget £10-25 a month). If you’re happy to create your own site there’s no extra cost. If not you will need to look at website design costs.  Don’t forget to get an email address associated with your domain name to ensure you look professional

Other Costs In A life Coaching Business

  1. You may wish to become a member of a recognised coaching organisation such as the Association For Coaching, International Coaching Federation, or the European Mentoring and Coaching Council. This could be from £140 per year upwards.
  2. Any advertising and marketing that you need to do will have a cost. Online and local business networking events are a great way to connect with the local business community and help you to generate leads in your business. These can cost from £5 a meeting upwards and some have annual membership costs. You can also pay for being listed on a directory for coaches which might cost £20+ a month.
  3. As your business grows you may need to get some help with bookkeeping or accountancy costs, you may also want business cards (Moo are great for these)

Compared to many businesses, the start up costs are pretty low, as are the ongoing running costs of a spiritual life coaching business. I hope this helps with your planning and thoughts around starting up your business. 


Helen Leathers is an experienced transformational women's coach with a spiritual approach. Featured in Soul & Spirit magazine and Coach magazine, she has written a number of books on spirituality and energy work and runs accredited spiritual life coach training courses.