Hi, I’m Helen Leathers

A Transformational Women’s Coach With a A spiritual Approach


I’m a coach and trainer, as well as an author of multiple books all focussing on spiritual development, energy work and the intuitive side of life. 


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My Story

I’ve been on a personal development and spiritual journey for as long as I can remember: training in holistic therapies, running workshops and events and always learning more.

For a while, after I got divorced in 2012, I felt like something was missing. I felt as though I’d lost my path, and a part of my own identity. I called on all of the personal development and spiritual work I had done over the years, but the hole was still there. The nagging feeling continued to nag. 

That’s when I (magically) happened upon the One of many™ methods and rediscovered myself, my passion, and my purpose. I found my confidence again, and stepped in to my power once more. I went on to do further training as a coach and discovered more skills and tools to add in to my magical mix and allowed me to create a unique blend of coaching and training that I offer today. I like to think of it as a blend of old and new, of science and spirituality.

Combining a spiritual outlook, a pragmatic approach, and a sense of humour I seek to help you to understand, accept and develop your true self and be the best person you can be – flaws and all. And now I offer these coach training courses to help you, and so that you can help others too.

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My Values & Beliefs


Learn how to work with it and use it, understand your own, how it works for you, how it interacts with others’


With your inner self, and with others. Be open and accepting. Connect with energy, the universe, with the all. Be open to connections and learn to see them where they exist.


Learn, gain knowledge, find what resonates with you and what doesn’t, seek new experiences, what are you drawn to? Share and discuss with others to learn more and to enlighten, not for ego or to argue. Question and debate, discern your truth.


The process, life, the universe, that all will be well. Trust yourself and your intuition, trust the flow and the natural rhythms, trust your body.


Integrate your learning, use it practically, live on purpose, be in alignment, live your truth.

My Projects - at a glance

121 Coaching

Sometimes we get a bit stuck, I call it getting to the edge of your map. We need some space to to think, and someone to listen. Coaching gives you this, helping you to gain fresh perspective and time to breathe, allowing a new way to reveal itself, and the next piece of the map to unfold. Find out more and book a call here.

Spiritual Life Coach Training Courses

Train in foundational coaching skills AND tools, resources and skills that help clients, or yourself to effect change, understand themselves better, find meaning and purpose, and explore their spirituality. Spiritual life coaching brings in and focusses on the concept that we are more than mind and body. View the homepage for more info.

Monthly Masterclasses

I run monthly masterclasses on zoom. The topics are varied and include spiritual topics, and personal growth and development. To see what workshops are coming up you can join the Facebook group below, or visit Eventbrite.

Spiritual & Personal Development Resources

A variety of online courses, workshops and other resources. Find out more here.

My Books and Audio Collections

More information can be found at www.spreadingthemagic.com

  • Help! I Think I Might Be Psychic 101 Frequently Asked Questions About Spiritual, Psychic & Spooky Stuff
  • The Spiritual & Psychic Development Workbook A Beginners Guide
  • The Spiritual & Psychic Development Workbook A Course Companion
  • The Spiritual & Psychic Development Meditation Collection
  • The Advanced Workbook For Spiritual & Psychic Development
  • The Advanced Workbook For Spiritual & Psychic Development A Course Companion
  • The Advanced Audio Collection for Spiritual & Psychic Development
  • The Power In Your Hands How To Understand, Connect With, Channel & Use Universal Energy To Improve & Empower Your Life
  • The Power In Your Hands Audio Collection
  • Bright Blessings Spiritual Thoughts, Inspirational Quotes & Philosophical Observations on Life
  • 10 Stepping Stone To A Better Version Of You (Not currently available)
  • Stop The World I Want To Get Off (Not currently available)
  • ‘Relaxation’ Meditation Bundle
  • ‘Confident You’ Meditation Bundle

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