• Are you already in business?
  • Do you already have clients?
  • Would you like to add another service?
  • Do you call yourself a coach but don’t have a coaching qualification?
  • Or would you like to supercharge what you do already?

As someone committed to helping others, you probably engage in continuous professional development any way. What if that meant you could offer something new to your clients? Or add a new service that might help you attract new ones?

And if you’re in, what I like to call ‘the change-space’ already – personal training, weight management, yoga, nutrition etc., there’s something else. I bet you know exactly what your clients need to do to get them on track. I’m sure your previous training covered all of that:

  • what exercises help with their types of goals,
  • the food that would be best for them,
  • how they could manage their stress snd tension better

But that doesn’t mean that your clients successfully make their changes stick long term. This is where coaching comes in. Coaching can help you to help your clients uncover their limiting beliefs, explore their own intrinsic motivations, and learn how to achieve their goals in a practical, accountable way that’s personal to them. And with your ongoing support.

Adding coaching skills to your current toolbox could be a real winner for your business. 

    I’d love you to meet Michelle Brooks: Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

    I met Michelle at an online business networking group for women and we got talking in a breakout room. I was telling her about my Spiritual Life Coach Training courses and how I felt that they would be really useful for people already working with clients, not just to help facilitate change, but to add an additional service to what they already offer. She immediately wanted to know more as she’d been looking for something to get her teeth into herself, and she soon became part of my next coaching cohort.

    I added new services to my business

    Michelle is a much sought after Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach specialising in helping women with endometriosis to alleviate their symptoms through diet and exercise. And to quote from a recent article that has been published about her work (link to follow):

    “She’s made an immense difference to many ladies told they ‘just had to live with it’. That holistic help, a whole-person approach, has guided Michelle’s latest string to her already impressive bow.”

    michelle brooks

    Here’s what Michelle had to say about adding this new service to her existing business

    “The main reason I wanted to do this course was because I have had a business for a number of years now, but I felt there was a bit of a gap in my training knowledge. I’ve got qualifications in nutrition, and exercise. I was promoting myself as a health and wellbeing coach but didn’t have a qualification in coaching.

    The spiritual aspect really appealed to me. In my life spirituality has really helped me push forward and the journey has massively helped me on a personal level, and I really wanted to know how I could pass that on to others help them to realise that this aspect could help them move forward in their lives too.

    I started adding what I was learning on the course to my work straight away. It’s just slotted really nicely into my business.”

    If you’d like to follow Michelle on instagram here’s a link to her profile.

    And you can read that article I mentioned about Michelle’s work here.

    Working with Michelle through the EVOLVE diploma has been an absolute pleasure. Seeing her grow and flourish, not just in her coaching skills, but personally too (as is so often the case, there is a journey to be had on this course!) has been an absolute privilege.If you are already working with individuals, especially in ‘the change-space’, and you’d like to

    • add to your skills,
    • add a new service,
    • or assist your clients with powerful changes.

    it could be time to take a look at the EVOLVE Spiritual Life Coaching qualifications.

    And if you’d like to have a chat about how you could add coaching to your existing offering, do get in touch and we can have a conversation to see if it’s the right fit for you.

    And if you’d like to hear how Michelle found her experience on the course you can watch her video here.

    Helen Leathers is an experienced transformational women's coach with a spiritual approach. Featured in Soul & Spirit magazine and Coach magazine, she has written a number of books on spirituality and energy work and runs accredited spiritual life coach training courses.