Are you a deep thinking, empathic,

spiritually-minded soul who wishes to make a difference in the world,

or evolve their own thinking?

This could be just what you’ve been waiting for…

EVOLVE Spiritual Life Coach Training

Train To Be A Life Coach With A Spiritual Approach

The CertificateThe Diploma

More and more sensitive souls are seeking to discover their purpose, to realise the difference they can make in the world and to tread their spiritual path, alongside those of like-mind.

Is it time to embark on a new path?

Or to develop your skills further?

EVOLVE Spiritual Life Coach Training combines tried and tested coaching skills, research-backed methodology and a deep understanding of what it means to  explore a spiritual path. Entirely practical with a sprinkling of magic!

This course will help you develop the skills to help yourself and others with:

  • Living an aligned and purposeful life
  • Discovering their spirituality
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs
  • Forming and manifesting their future vision
  • Connecting with their true self on a deeper level
  • Find more joy, colour, and happiness in their lives

EVOLVE spiritual life coach training will give you an accredited qualification to work as a coach or to add to your current offering. Or add these coaching skills to your own toolbox for life. One of the most common reactions to coach training is..

‘I never realised how much personal growth there would be for me while I’ve been doing this course!’


Coaching is a skill; it’s about listening deeply,

Creating a safe space for another person to explore their own thoughts and beliefs,

And asking insightful questions that assist in that person’s growth.

It’s an honour to be a part of this magical process with another human being.

You might find that you have moments like this already in the work that you do,

And you might want to learn more about it and add that extra string to your bow.

Coaching can be about life goals, and it can also be about discovering yourself and exploring your purpose more deeply.

A Spiritual Approach allows for the knowledge that we are more than just body and mind, it explores our values, our purpose, and what it means to be a spiritual person living an aligned life. And this is different for everyone.

Many of us feel a need to reconnect with the spiritual part of us.

This Spiritual Life Coaching Qualification will show you how to facilitate this exploration, and encourage and assist others in becoming more Authentic and Aligned with who they truly are.

It will also teach you to create and hold a deeply transformative energetic space that your clients will love.

At a time when people are hurting, struggling and stuck, let’s shine some light and help each other find their way.

Choose From The



 Both qualifications will be:

  • Fully accredited qualification with the Association for Coaching ensuring the best content and training in this field.
  • Facilitated by an experienced and accredited coach, with over 20 years experience as a trainer who is an author of multiple books in the mind, body, spirit genre.
  • Taught to a level that will allow you to continue to apply for personal coaching accreditation with the Association for Coaching if you wish.

When you join us, you will also have:

  • Immediate access to the introductory online training module
  • Extensive learning support throughout
  • The chance to work with an experienced coach and mentor
  • The opportunity to develop your own unique style of coaching
  • Coaching supervision during the course
  • + Special offers to other events and workshops run by your course tutor to develop your coaching further in the future

Choose your Path..

EVOLVE Spiritual Life Coaching Certificate

The Certificate includes:



  • The foundational skills of coaching: rapport building; excellent communication skills, active and reflective listening, and asking powerful and insightful questions
  • An introduction to different coaching approaches, models, tools & interventions. Theoretical and practical application of the EVOLVE model of spiritual coaching.
  • Understanding Best Practice; ethics, contracting, confidentiality, and boundaries when working as a coach.
  • The Energy of Coaching; the coaching relationship, personal presence and holding space for deep exploration and transformation.
  • How to help clients understand themselves and become more authentic and aligned with their true spiritual selves; strengths & values, connecting with their meaning and purpose, creating inspired action plans, exploring spirituality, vitality and happiness.

Your investment: £1399


For further details of the certificate including dates and how to book your place click through here

EVOLVE Spiritual Life Coaching Diploma

The Diploma includes:



  • Everything from the Certificate PLUS…
  • The opportunity to further embed and practice your coaching skills
  • Coaching to help clients overcome limiting beliefs, to improve emotional intelligence, and work on manifestation techniques
  • Coaching tools and techniques to help clients improve wellbeing, vitality and happiness
  • Living a purposeful life
  • An introduction to somatic coaching
  • Embodiment and empowerment techniques for coaching clients

Your investment: £1999


For further details of the diploma including dates and how to book your place click through here 

With Each Qualification You Will Also Receive:

+ BONUS 2 hour TRAINING: Getting started in a coaching business; the basics, how to attract and work with clients, how much to charge and more.

+ BONUS WORKSHOP: ‘Let’s Get Accredited’; A 2 hour webinar with information and top tips on how best to go about applying for personal accreditation as a coach.

Unsure which qualification to go for? Why not start the certificate and if you decide you want more you can easily upgrade to the diploma and continue your studies.

If the timing isn’t quite right for you yet, but you’d like to be told about future courses you can join the waiting list here.

Hear from our recent graduates

The main reason I wanted to do this course was because I felt there was a bit of a gap in my training knowledge. I’ve got qualifications in nutrition, and exercise. I was promoting myself as a health and wellbeing coach but didn’t have a qualification in coaching.

The most enlightening thing, and the most surprising, was how much I further developed myself. I’ve done so much work on myself over the years, but there’s always room for more. The way some of the exercises impacted me was really amazing. At one point I sat there and thought, yes, I did this because I wanted to use it for my business, but in fact I think I was sent to do this course because of the things I discovered about myself.

The whole course is amazing. I personally loved the structure. Everyone learns in different ways and splitting it up between the self study, the classroom study and the practical side of coaching worked really well. And as a business owner, it makes it a lot more manageable as well.

You couldn’t find a better teacher. Helen has a massive knowledge in this area, and I don’t think you could learn from anyone better. The way she teaches, the calm approach, it’s always very easy.

It’s magical, it really is!

Michelle Brookes

Mindset Coach & Wellbeing Practitioner




If you've got any further questions or would like a chat with Helen before making your decision, get in touch using the contact form. 

If the timing isn't quite right for you yet, but you'd like to be told about future courses you can join the waiting list here.

I've never done any coaching before, will this course be okay for me?

Absolutely. We will start with the foundations of coaching, so you will be absolutely fine.

where are you based? will there be a problem with timezones?

I am based in the U.K. and all times mentioned in the course information will be Greenwish Mean Tme (GMT) or British Summer Time (BST) whatever is local for us in the UK at that time of year.

I have had people join my online events from all over the world but you have to make sure the timing is right for you!

If you're unsure, drop me a message.

I've done some coach training before, will this course be okay for me?

It really depends what you want to achieve, and what type of coach training you've done before. Why not book a call with me, and we can have a chat to see if it would be of benefit to you?

How Much Time Commitment Is There?

There are a number of elements to the courses:

The first introductory workshop is 3 hours long. Each subsequent live workshop is 4 hours in duration and will usually be held fortnightly. (Although we work around school and bank holidays so this isn't always the case.)

Each online training module is mandatory and must be completed between the live workshops. It is estimated that each of these will take approximately 2.5 hours.

There is an additional element of self study required: for the certificate a minimum of 10 hours, and the diploma a minimum of 40 hours. Suggestions are made for self study and the bonus workshops also count towards this. These hours do not have to be completed before the final workshop.

Practice Coaching is an essential part of the programme but doesn’t have to be completed before the final workshop. Full guidance will be given around this  To complete the certificate you will need to have 6 hours of coaching practice, and for the diploma, 20 hours of coaching practice.

For the certificate I estimate you will need to commit around 8-9 hours per fortnight. 

For the diploma I estimate you will need to commit around 10-11 hours per fortnight.

I'm Not Sure Which Qualification To Go For?

That's understandable. 

Both qualifications start with the same foundations and initial workshops, so you can easily join us for the certificate and decide later whether to continue your studies and upgrade to the diploma. 

I will let you know at the start of the course when you will need to make your decision by. 

If there is no break in your studies the upgrade fee will simply be the difference between the two course fees. And any discount code or special offer you used for the certificate will be applied to the upgrade so you won't be paying any more than you would have done. 

You can also arrange a quick call with me if you'd like to discuss this further. Use the form below to get in touch and we can go from there. 

Is There An Exam Or Similar Test?

There are no exams!

You will be asked to keep a learning log, and a log of your coaching practice.

For the diploma you will also be asked to keep a reflective journal and submit a written assignment and a recording of a coaching session for observation and feedback purposes.

You will be provided with full guidance and support to help you complete these aspects of the course.

The assignment and recording won’t be expected until toward the end of your course, when you will have gained plenty of experience.

I've seen spiritual life coach training for £3000 upwards, Why Is This Course So much less?

Excellent question!

I know that there are so many courses out there charging significantly more. I want to make these skills are available to people who will benefit from and use them to help others without having to take out a second mortgage, while also valuing the time, effort and commitment it takes for me to create and deliver this course and work with you. And because the workshops are run online, not only can we remove travelling, accommodation, and room hire we can bring people together from all over the world.

Additionally, some people want to use this course for their own learning and development and have no intention of running a business in this field. I love this, and I know how powerful the course can be, so I don't want to exclude anyone from doing so.

I've Seen A Spiritual Life Coach Course For £27 Online, How Is Yours Different?

Yes, out of interest I bought one of those once!

Here's the thing, you can buy a cheap online course, or even a book on coaching and read it in a day. Does that make you a coach? Does that equip you sufficiently to see clients?

It takes time and guidance to hone your skills as a coach and with an online course or book you won't get the opportunity to practice, receive feedback, and develop your techniques.

On this diploma we will work to embed the skills of coaching, and help you to develop your own approach to working with clients.

This course is accredited by the Association for Coaching. At the end of it you will also be in a position to start your business and begin the process of personal accreditation (if that's what you wish to do).

Tell Me More About The Accreditation Of This Course

Of course! You will see varying phrases used online like certified and accredited. It’s important to know the difference. (Although some people seem to use them interchangeably so it's as well to check what they really mean).

certified coach usually means that you have passed a course with a training organisation. It says nothing about the quality of their training.

An accredited training course is one that has been assessed by a coaching organisation like the Association for Coaching (AC), the International Coaching Federation (ICF), or the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) against their criteria and core competencies. This ensures the quality of the content and training you will receive. 

An accredited coach is someone who has not only passed a training course, but has been through the process of being assessed personally for their coaching competencies with a coaching  organisation like the AC, ICF, or EMCC. They are required to have undertaken a certain number of coach specific training hours, as well as paid coaching hours, amongst other criteria.

Attending an accredited training course will put you in the best place to not only learn excellent coaching skills, but to work on your future accreditation if that's something you wish to do.


For answers to more questions, take a look at our articles

What Is Spiritual Life Coaching

Here's how some students describe it...

A deep dive into the core self, becoming the observer so you can get to the root of issues & unblock the bottlenecks, release the baggage & beliefs that have been created in the past to realise the pure power we each have that can be tapped into which means you can live more freely & in alignment to your true self!

“Spiritual coaching is a beautiful way of guiding coachees towards finding purpose and discovering their own truth.

It looks beyond the ego, working with the notion that we are more than just mind and body but part of something much more; something bigger and brighter than what we think we are.”

“It strips us back to basics. It helps us change our lives by changing the way we operate as individuals.

Rather than just examining our behaviours, habits and goals. It delves into our root beliefs and connects us to source energy / the divine to find yourself again.”

For more on this topic, take a look at my blogpost ‘What Is Spiritual Life Coaching’

Meet Your Tutor

Helen Leathers

* is an experienced and accredited coach with, and member of, The Association for Coaching and is an assessor for their accreditation process

* has over 20 years of training and facilitation experience

* has written a number of books on spirituality, energy work and psychic development

* and been featured in both Soul & Spirit magazine and Coach magazine

* holds a One of many™ Women’s Coaching Certification

* graduated from the Open University with a BSc.(Hons) Philosophy & psychology in 2020

* has additional training in Sleep Science & Transpersonal (Spiritual) Coaching

* is the co-founder of Your Coaching Journey Limited, providing ongoing support and CPD opportunities for the coaching community 

* is the co-founder and co-host for The Midlands Coaching Conference and Your Coaching Journey Coaching Conferences

Train To Be A Life Coach With A Spiritual Approach

The CertificateThe Diploma

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